Wendell Phillips

Wendell Phillips is a Vancouver based photojournalist with thirty-six years of experience in editorial and human development photography. He is the recipient of 31 Picture-of-the-Year awards from North American news organizations; as well as winner of National Magazine Awards. He was voted Canada’s News Photographer of the Year in 1988 and nominated for Canadian Photojournalist of the Year in 2007 and 2009. The Photographic Society of America honored Wendell with the International Understanding through Photography Award recognizing his socially engaged documentaries and public lectures with a humanitarian perspective. Phillips has documented the diversity of the human condition on five continents in eighty countries.

In ten years working in the global trenches of photojournalism and sometimes “extreme” conditions,

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Wendell Phillips

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Some of my favorite photographers include Lewis Hines, Dorthea Lange, Jacob Riis, Henri Cartier Bresson and Josef Kouldelka. As mentioned in the aforementioned answer regarding art, I’ve long studied paintings for visual stimulation and inspiration. This includes extraordinary depiction of light and shadow by Caravaggio, Monet’s tone and colors, Vermeer’s distribution of light and Masaccio’s study of linear perspective. I’ve also been heavily influenced by Durer, Correggio, Reni, and Titian.