Nitish Waila

An award-winning photographer and storyteller, India-based Nitish Waila specializes in adventure, outdoor lifestyle, and landscape photography.

A keen traveler, Nitish translates his worldly adventures and landscape storytelling through his lens. He is passionate about capturing authentic moments and the pristine beauty of the Himalayas in India and beyond.

He was awarded as the ‘Best Adventure Photographer 2018’ by National Geographic Traveller, a collaboration with Incredible India. He was also the only finalist from India in the prestigious Red Bull Illume 2020.

On this journey, Nitish worked with various brands such as Canon, Vivo, JBL, Johnnie Walker, Red Bull, KTM, and various others to build an impactful online and offline presence and also to improve audience engagement on social platforms.

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Nitish Waila

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Behind the Scenes with Nitish Waila

The feeling of content after shooting for a project, especially in the mountains is probably something I like a lot but the journey and process to reach that content phase is probably my favorite. On those lines, I remember the super tiring and hectic week of recce prior to getting my Supermoon Climbing shot, things were uncertain till the very last moment but that final click on my camera gave me so much happiness, probably my best experience as a Photographer by far. Enduring all the pain in the process is my thing, I love my shoots to be planned very well but still, a lot of the things can go south on-location. Thus shooting with all that pressure and still overcoming it with that one final shot, is a feeling that can just be felt, and for me, it's so serene.

And the worst experience would be the first lockdown when the deadly Covid first hit our world. For the first time ever I felt like going into depression being locked in my room for months, somehow I gained some courage and started shooting a series of miniature landscapes at home. There was an immense lack of motivation, things were stuck, business was all down, but photography was the one thing that has kept me going strong.