Editing in the Field With LumaFusion and
My Passport Wireless Solid State Drive (SSD)

Take your studio anywhere and edit your video on location with your device using the LumaFusion app and the My Passport Wireless SSD. Release yourself from the constraints of your device’s built-in memory and add up to 2TB of storage.

LumaFusion Feature Image 1

LumaFusion and My Passport SSD - Step 1

Set the My Passport Wireless SSD as the primary destination for your project.

LumaFusion and My Passport SSD - Step 2

Scrub through your footage on the My Passport Wireless SSD and bring them in to the timeline to incorporate into your project.

LumaFusion Feature Image 2
LumaFusion Feature Image 1

LumaFusion and My Passport SSD - Step 3

Make your video look great with LumaFusion’s built-in editing tools like color correction and special effects.


My Passport Wireless SSD

Back up memory cards with one-touch copy, then access video within LumaFusion to preview, trim, and insert into the multi-track editing timeline.

LumaFusion Feature Image 4


With an SSD inside and protective bumper outside, your content is safeguarded from shock, vibrations and drops up to 1 meter, even when the drive is in operation.


A built-in SD card reader with up to 65MB/s reads speeds1 and one-touch copy button makes it easy to quickly back up photos and videos from an SD card without a computer or additional software.


  1. Based on read speed. As used for transfer rate, megabyte per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors.