Caio Guatelli

Caio Guatelli’s career began in1996 in an unusual way. He was hired by the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo at the age of 18, after being the only photographer to shoot the rescue of the black box of the biggest plane crash in São Paulo -Brazil. In 2000 he ended up in Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil’s biggest newspaper. Between comings and goings, he left Folha definitively in 2012.

He tried advertising photography but found it a little ... disgusting. He realized that he would rather be a poor journalist than a wealthy publicist. He graduated in Photography, did a post-graduate degree in Cinema and, today, he is doing a Masters in Communication. The academic experiences were valid, but not essential -his greatest masters did not finish college.

Caio won two important awards in journalism and one in advertising, but in none of them was he the one who signed up -“I'm tired of signing up and never winning”, he says. Today, he tries to score his films, all documentaries that he produced alone -an idea in his head and a camera in his hand.


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Caio Guatelli

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