Meet Johnny Wilson, Skate Videographer

Johnny Wilson is “the future of skateboard film making,” according to skate photographer Atiba Jefferson. Johnny works with some of the most popular brands in skateboarding today such as Supreme, Converse, Nike and more. Meet Johnny and follow him on a typical day as he tails some of the best names in skateboarding, catching every gritty moment on the streets of NYC and backing up his footage on the G‑DRIVE Mobile SSD.

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Follow Johnny on a typical skate shoot day in NYC.

Q&A with Johnny Wilson

Who is your favorite skater to shoot and what sets them apart from others?

I really like to skate with Max Palmer. The spots he likes to skate and the tricks he does are always so interesting and different. I also love everyone that I skate with daily; Cyrus Bennett, Nik Stain, Andrew Wilson, Caleb Barnett, Ben Kadow, to name a few.

What has been your favorite project to shoot thus far?

I would say the “Blessed” video I did for Supreme. It was cool to be a part of such a big project and to work with everyone involved. I have also been working on my own video project, which has been really fun so far.

While filming action shots for skateboarding, what are the fundamentals you look for to capture a great shot? Any tips?

Yes, I always try to capture as much as I can in a single shot.

As a videographer, how do you organize your current project files, manage archival of old projects, etc? Please describe your workflow.

I organize projects and folders by date and location. For the actual tricks, I organize by this nomenclature: Skaters name_Skate spot_Trick. When I’m on the road, the G-DRIVE Mobile SSD helps me back up reliably and transfer my footage quickly. I know I can depend on it. Plus, the size of the G-DRIVE Mobile SSD sets it apart from other rugged drives for me. It doesn't take much up space in my bag and I don’t have to worry about dropping it.

Johnny's Gear


Johnny spends hours shooting skate footage in the city, so he relies on the durability and speed of the G-DRIVE Mobile SSD to help keep his footage safe.

G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3

Johnny takes advantage of the Enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drives of the G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3™ to reliably backup and edit his content from the days shoot.

Headshot of Atiba Jefferson

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