Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis

SanDisk Extreme Team Member

Jeff Lewis ( is a leading sports photographer for the Associated Press, NFL Network and Los Angeles Sentinel. He shoots major sporting events for the NFL, MLB, NBA and more, and his photographs appear in daily newspapers, magazines and online outlets across the nation. In 2006 he received the "Dodger Photographer of the Year" award.

To capture the defining moments, Jeff depends heavily on speed: his own and that of his equipment. Racing up and down the sidelines, predicting both teams' next plays to capture the shot that counts, he uses his Canon EOS 1D Mark III digital camera, eight SanDisk Extreme® flash memory cards and the burst mode on his camera. This mode depends on both a speedy camera and high-performance cards to capture as many images as possible within a few seconds. When the game is over, it's critical that Jeff's photos are processed and uploaded very fast so his images arrive to the news agencies first.

Jeff relies on creativity and fast, durable SanDisk Extreme memory cards to get the winning shot.

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