Flash Memory Summit 2018

Santa Clara, CA

August 07

The Future of Data Infrastructure

The exponential growth in data is not only fueling new Big Data and Fast Data applications, it is also creating complexities in the way that data is being captured, preserved, accessed and transformed. Western Digital unveils a comprehensive set of open standards, architecture and products to address the complex and dynamic demands of high-scale private and public cloud data centers.

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Our Presentations

The Future of Data Infrastructure

Western Digital’s OpenFlex™ architecture and product line, and new, open application programming interface (API) together create the foundation for software composable infrastructure (SCI) and deliver new possibilities in scalability, efficiency, agility and performance in the data center. Western Digital is delivering the future of data infrastructure.


Phil Bullinger



Phil Bullinger's Flash Memory Summit Keynote

SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 07, 2018 15:08

This keynote will provide insight into the architectural shifts underway to ensure that performance, scale and efficiency can be quickly and easily provisioned and optimized for the most demanding data environments. Through the convergence of emerging technologies, open standards, innovation and a growing ecosystem, you will learn how the data infrastructure for the future can be deployed today.

OpenFlex Architecture Discussion

A Conversation on OpenFlex Architecture

A Conversation with Western Digital's Phil Bullinger, SVP of Data Center Systems, and Dave Tang, SVP of Corporate Marketing, on the OpenFlex™ Architecture

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