Zoned Storage

What is Western Digital’s Zoned Storage Initiative?

Data volumes created by enterprises, machines, and consumer-generated content continue to drive demand for data center storage capacities at multi-petabyte to multi-exabyte levels. To date, current SSD and HDD technologies have been keeping up with these large data storage demands.

Zoned Storage is an open-source, standards-based initiative to enable data centers to scale efficiently for the zettabyte storage capacity era. It involves the ability to store and retrieve information using shingled magnetic recording (SMR) in hard disk drives (HDDs) to increase the storage density and its companion technology called Zoned Name Spaces in solid state drives (SSDs). Zoned Name Spaces is an extension of the NVMe standard. This technology allows us to offer SSDs that are zoned similarly to HDDs, thereby allowing all storage, whether it be HDD or SSD, to be seen as though it were one technology. The Zoned Storage Initiative offers the ability to leverage both SMR and ZNS technologies, open source standards, and purpose-built computing in a disaggregated environment.