Big Data and Fast Data Create a Bifurcation of Technology

As the scale of data continues to increase, and the diversity of application workloads expand, the world will need new data storage technologies and architectures.

“We needed to rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed.” — Mike Cordano

The Need for Energy-assisted Recording Technology

Providing energy-assistance with heat-assisted and microwave-assisted magnetic recording technologies.

“MAMR has significant advantages over HAMR in the quest to bring lower cost, high-reliability storage to the data center.” — Brendan Collins

Foundational Technologies to Achieve Growth in $/TB Value for Capacity HDD

Helium-sealed technology is just one of three essential pillars that support higher track density.

“We have made deliberate and substantial investments in both damascene and micro-actuation for the past 5-plus years to push the limits of areal density.” — Brendan Collins

MAMR Breakthrough Exceeds Expectations

Breakthroughs delivering the reliability, manufacturability and affordability to address customer demands.

“We broke conventional wisdom to break theoretical limits.” — Brendan Collins

A Proven Leader – Our Track Record of Delivering on Innovation

With over 7000 patents in hard drive technology, we have the most powerful storage patent portfolio and are the undisputed units-shipped leader in HDDs.

“We plan to deliver the first MAMR hard drive in 2019 to launch a new era.” — Brendan Collins

Driving the Next Decade of Data Technology Innovations

Flash memory and capacity HDD will continue to coexist, with Western Digital well positioned across the full spectrum of opportunities.

“We’re in a strong position to define the future of data-centric compute architectures.” — Mike Cordano