We care for our environment at every step, everywhere we operate

Reducing Energy

Combined efforts to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy usage in operation processes could power 9,000+ households a year.

  • 3.8% year-over-year reduction in energy usage
  • 25% year-over-year reduction in energy intensity

Conserving Materials

By re-designing our packaging, we’ve saved:

  • 12,000 trees or 60 acres of forest

Additionally, all of our packages contain recyclable paper board and plastic, so you can easily recycle the material after usage.

Product Stewardship

By constantly innovating to improve material efficiency, energy efficiency, and reusability, we work to reduce the impacts of each device we produce.

Energy and Emissions

Sustainable Drive Disposal

Product Compliance

Protecting and Preserving our Environment

GHG and Water Inventory

Western Digital Management System Certifications


Download our Corporate Responsibility documents to learn more about our environmental, social, and governance policies, reports, and certifications.