Travel Pole to Pole with Colby Brown

When a project doesn't go as planned, travel and humanitarian photographer Colby Brown stays prepared with G‑Technology professional-grade storage solutions. Join him on an amazing adventure from pole to pole as he pushes his creativity, equipment, and endurance to the world's limits. Never stop creating.

Hear it straight from Colby

Colby journeyed through Iceland, Norway, South Africa, South Georgia, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands for his project with expedition company Frontiers North.

Colby’s Gear


In the frigid Canadian Arctic, Colby backed up his footage to a 2TB G‑DRIVE Mobile SSD because speed and rugged reliability are critical in a climate where his laptop could start to malfunction after a few minutes of cold exposure.

G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3

At the hotel, Colby and his team offloaded and backed up all their footage onto a G‑DRIVE with Thunderbolt 3. With a fast Thunderbolt 3 connection and up to 14TB capacity, Colby could backup all his footage in one location and do light editing on his trip.

Pole to Pole Blog Post

Read Colby's blog post to see how he prepares for unpredictable, extreme conditions and copes with everything the world throws at him, and gets his job done through grit, grace, and some amazing gear.