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NVMe™ SSDs enable the workloads required for modern data centers while providing rich feature sets that enable next-gen requirements so your designs are future-ready. And, with demonstrated TCO benefits, they can also be a cost-effective alternative to SATA.

Optimized for low latency and power efficiency, the Ultrastar® DC SN640 provides 5X the read performance, 2X the write performance and better TCO than SATA SSDs. The Ultrastar DC SN640 is general purpose-built to deliver the power and performance of NVMe™ to cloud, OEM and channel data centers.

Ultrastar® DC SN640 Data Sheet


All-Flash NVMe™ Storage Spaces Direct with Western Digital and Mellanox

Top Considerations for Enterprise SSDs White Paper


Future-Ready Your System

Transitioning from SATA to NVMe™

NVMe™ vs. SATA

Performance and application comparison Infographic

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